Mayor-elect captures a gator on his property

CALERA, AL (WBRC) -  Calera's mayor-elect has quite a story to tell to people. He and his father caught an alligator.

Jon Graham was quite surprised to see a 34-inch gator in a pond on his property. He never thought he'd get up close and personal with one.

Graham and his family had fun with the gator after catching it Tuesday.

He took it to city hall for the employees to see. He took it to his son's class at Calera Elementary School also.

"I wish could keep it but it know it needs to be in the wildlife," said Sam Graham, Jon's son.

"The alligator did snap, open its mouth a couple of times," said Jon Graham. "It seems to be a strong animal."

Jon has since turned the baby gator over to the Alabama Reptile Rescue Sanctuary.

He's now worried about the gator's mother showing up on his property.