Shareholders' attorneys want more answers from Scrushy

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Healthsouth founder, Richard Scrushy, completed this 5th day of intense questioning from attorneys representing Healthsouth shareholders. Attorneys are trying to track down all Scrushy's assets that can be seized and sold, so they collect on a near $3 billion judgement.

Plantiff's attorney, John Somerville said he felt good about the day, and a lot of questions are now answered.

The questions focused on specific details of Scrushy's finances, ranging from furniture he gave his children, to artwork, and clothing.

After 5 days of questioning, Scrushy looked visibly tired and frustrated. Numerous times he told Somerville "I am tired," and "You will have to ask someone else about that."

The frustrations were evident when Somerville began asking Scrushy about a $100,000 tractor belonging to his father, who passed away in 2005. Scrushy snapped back at Somerville, and the judge was forced to call a brief recess.

Scrushy's attorney Dan Sparks said the entire process has been hard on his client.

"He is exhausted," said Sparks, "He was glad to come in and tell the truth and dispel all these notions he hid anything and answer questions they threw at him for 5 days straight, but he is tired."