Power to Save: Village Creek

Village Creek was briefly the first source of drinking water for Birmingham residents and in the 1820's, the state's first coal operations took place along its banks. The creek later became a site for illegal dumping.

After three years of cleanup efforts along the 44 mile long village creek, Dr. Mable Anderson told Power to Save reporter Ronda Robinson that "It has never looked better. The clean up days have done a whole lot in addition it has made people more aware of the value of not throwing items in the village creek environment."

Since 2006, Renew Our Rivers volunteers have removed more than 35 tons of trash and debris. Dr. Mable Anderson has seen all kinds of stuff pulled out of the water like "grocery carts, typewriters, you name it." Believe it not, she's even seen a car - or what was left of it.

"The front part, bumpers and parts you could really tell it was a Cadillac," Anderson said.

According to Anderson, the number of volunteers has continued to increase while the number of items found in and near the creek has continued to decrease. She is convinced that this hard work will not only make the entire neighborhood look better, it will boost economic development. "Businesses will want to relocate here again and more houses will be coming to the area."