Governor Bob Riley talks tough on ethics

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Governor Bob Riley spoke to a luncheon of young professionals in Birmingham Tuesday, saying tougher ethics laws are needed in Alabama.

"When I asked, if you think any politician is honest? Not a single hand went up in that room," Riley said.

Riley is proposing another ethics reform package. This would force lobbyist to disclose how much money they spend on public officials and would give the Alabama Ethics Commission subpoena power.

State Rep. John Rogers said Tuesday he does not expect the package will pass the state legislature.

"Two chances. Slim and none, and slim died yesterday," Rogers said.

Rogers and other Democrats are accusing Riley of playing politics with ethics reform with state elections coming up next year.

"I don't see any chance at all," Rogers said. "It's a good campaign issue. We talk about it every year. We always talk about it."

Riley denied politics is a factor in his campaign.

"Let's don't make it a campaign issue," Riley said. "Let's pass it and it won't be a campaign issue for either party."