Richard Scrushy finance hunt resumes questioning

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - HealthSouth founder Richard Scrushy is back on the stand as shareholders try to track down a lead to his banking and investment accounts.

HealthSouth attorney Chris Glencoe continued questioning Scrushy about his wife's lingerie company, "upseedaisies". On Friday, Scrushy said that the company was paying his legal fees in this case. Scrushy added that he has no ownership of that company, but attorneys pointed to a 2001 tax return that showed he owned 20-percent.

Lawyers have also asked Scrushy about several loans he made in 2006. One loan was for as much as ten-million dollars. Those loans were made the same year Scrushy was hit with a 50-million-dollar judgement in another case and they were given mainly to companies ultimately owned by Scrushy's wife Leslie and his children. Scrushy denies making those loans as a result of that judgement.

On a related note in Alexander City, the Tallapoosa Sheriff's Department is auctioning off several items from Scrushy's house on Lake Martin. All of Scrushy's boats and wave runners are on the block. The lake house will be auctioned on November ninth.