Summaries of plea agreements of LaPierre and Blount

Summaries of plea agreements of Al LaPierre and Bill Blount:

-forfeits $371,932 and all back taxes
-prison term of 8 years, could be 4 with significant cooperation (i.e. Testimony)
-pays $10,000 fine and does 3 years supervised release

LaPierre admits to getting paid $371,932 for work with Blount Parrish. Admits to conspiracy with Blount & Langford to swap county business for bribes.

LaPierre says he, Blount and Langford agreed to obstruct investigation by lying about the scheme, and dummying up false promissory notes to make them look like loans.

LaPierre says Larry came to him shortly after winning primary for Commission seat and said he needed $50k loan. LaPierre says he doesn't have it, but goes to Blount, they set up the funnel structure because it's illegal for Blount to give Langford money.

LaPierre says in June of 2003 Langford asks for $69k, funnel system repeated, and Langford wants $3500 to go to Mississippi with John Katopodis.

April of 2004, Blount/LaPierre set up account for Langford at Remon's and pay it off with AmEx or checks over the years.

August of 2004 Larry requests $30k and funnel system repeated.

After Larry told the SEC in 2007 that these were loans and he did not remember if there was any paperwork for them, the 3 get together to review testimony and agree to make up false promissories to make it look like loans. Blount makes the false notes, and then LaPierre and Langford sign them and get their stories straight.

-forfeits $1 million
-4 year and 4 month sentence
-3 year supervised release

Blount concurs with LaPierre's accounts of Langford's request and their funneling system of payments.

Blount says some items bought in NYC were sent by private carrier to Langford's county office.

Blount admits to bribing Mary Buckelew and sending bribed items to her office.