List of counts against Langford

List of Counts against Larry Langford:

Counts 1&2 Bribery
Langford got $69k in money, cash, checks

Count 3
Money Laundering
$12,000 for Likis Audio from Compass account where money was deposited

Count 4
Money Laundering
$12,000 to Shaia's from Compass

Count 5
Money Laundering
$40,589 into Compass account

Count 6 Conspiracy

Counts 7-8 Bribery

Count 9 Money Laundering
Paying $29,241 for personal taxes

Counts 10-26 Bribery
Clothes, jewelry, gifts

Counts 64-68
Mail Fraud
Packages of gifts delivered to county office

Counts 69-80
Wire Fraud
Using AmEx card for purchases LaPierre & Langford

Count 87
False Tax Return
Not reporting $125,356 on 2003 tax return
(Reported income of $238,758 and taxes of $57,622)

Count 88
False tax return
Not reporting $81,419 on 2004 return
(Reported income of $130,423 and taxes of $34,959)

Count 89
False Tax return
Not reporting $22,186 on 2005 return
(Reported income of $98,818 and taxes of $27,404)

Count 99

Forfeiture charge