Power to Save: Green Band

Twenty year old Seth Glier not only packs a powerful sound, he hopes his message during what he calls a zero carbon footprint tour - is just as powerful. Power to Save Reporter Ronda Robinson talked with him during a stop in Birmingham. Grier said, "There's an incredible amount of waste that does get created when you are traveling around from city to city to city. We've encouraged fans to organize carpools to the event.. we've provided forums on the website for them to connect with other people in their region."

He definitely practices what he preaches. "We're traveling in a hybrid prius that gets an average 56 mpg" Grier said his group also drinks from reusable water bottles. "We would probably go through 100-200 water bottles on this tour and that's a lot of plastic. We're using tshirts made from organic cotton and printed using recycled soy and vegetable based inks. we also have these download cards..we hand them out at every show."

The information is printed on seed paper that can be planted and will grow wildflowers.

"I don't think people realize how much stuff they waste and how a really small change can really reduce a lot of that."

Seth Glier's tour will perform in 40 cities over two months.