"I don't know" is common answer in Scrushy deposition

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The words "I don't know" are heard often in another day of questioning by plaintiffs lawyers trying to locate the Scrushy fortune.

Attorney John Sommerville focused on off-shore accounts on Friday. He asked Scrushy if he had ever transferred money to offshore accounts or if he had ever had anyone transfer money to offshore accounts. Both times, Scrushy answered "absolutely not, never."

During the deposition, Sommerville asked Scrushy to identify who he knew sitting in the courtroom audience. Scrushy identified a brother, sister, daughter, son-in-law and some friends. Sommerville then asked if any of those people had acted on his behalf to handle Scrushy's money. Scrushy told Sommerville his son-in-law, Mike Plaia, had acted on his behalf to pay attorneys and bills, but that power had recently been rescinded based on legal advice.

On Thursday, Scrushy told attorneys he did not know what his worth was eight years ago. His reason was that he has been in prison on an unrelated bribery case and is unfamiliar with personal documents.

John Sommerville tells reporters he has eight thousand documents he would like to question Scrushy about. Halfway through Friday, Sommerville was working on exhibit number five and there is a courtroom full of attorneys with questions.