Pelham residents to pay more for sewer service

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Pelham residents concerned about a proposed sewer rate increase voiced their concerns at a town hall meeting Monday night. City leaders announced there will be a sewer rate increase, but the amount isn't set yet, and they wanted to get residents' opinions on the matter.

Mayor Don Murphy said the city has been losing money on its sewer system for years. With a rate increase, money from the general fund that has been covering sewer expenses can go towards other projects.

"We really don't have a choice," said Murphy, "But at the same time, we want residents to understand what we are doing and why. We want their input about the situation."

Pelham residents said it isn't fair to pass along the rate increase to them. They said in the current economy, money is tight for so many people.

"The biggest concern is obviously money is tight and we really can't afford to pay more for city services," said Pelham resident Peter Bosworth.

"It's not fair for me for someone who lives alone versus someone who has a big family doing lots of laundry, to pay the same rate I am," said Pelham resident, Cassie Farris.

This would be the city's first sewer rate increase in 19 years. City councilors say they will make the final decision on the amount of the increase and when it will go into effect by Dec. 7.