Rep. John Rogers challenging Birmingham elections

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - State Rep. John Rogers is preparing a legal challenge to the outcome of last week's Birmingham City Council runoff elections.

FOX6 News learned of the challenge Monday afternoon.

Rogers' cousin, Sheila Tyson, lost the District 6 runoff to incumbent Carole Smitherman.

Rep. Rogers told FOX6 News he believes there may be more than 1,400 provisional ballots cast but not counted.

Several races for city council were decided by less than 100 votes in Tuesday's runoff. Unofficials election results provided to FOX6 News on election night showed Smitherman receiving 1,957 votes and Tyson receiving 1,859 votes.

Rogers said he believes the uncounted provisional ballots may change the outcome of some of Tuesday's races. He said he may see legislative action, if necessary, to make sure the votes are counted.