Lawyers continue campaign to acquire Scrushy assets

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Lawyers continue to hammer away at Richard Scrushy in effort to find the money he now owes shareholders.  On Thursday, plaintiff's attorneys requested a temporary restraining order against Scrushy's 92-foot yacht, Chez Soirree.  Attorneys say Scrushy is now trying to sell the boat and keep the proceeds from going towards the 2.8 billion dollar judgment he owes shareholders of Health South.  The temporary restraining order would block the yacht from being sold.  "We didn't want Marin Ltd. to sell the boat, take the money and run," said lead attorney John Haley.  "So the judge has stopped Marin Ltd. from doing that."  Marin Ltd. is the corporation Scrushy has the boat listed under.  That corporation, along with several others are off shore accounts.  "The position of Marin Ltd. is that it is a foreign corporation incorporated in the Cayman Islands and that Jefferson County has no jurisdiction.  We think that's a frivolous argument," Haley says.

Also in court Thursday, Jefferson County Judge Allwin Horn set November 5th as a hearing date for Scrushy's wife, Leslie.  Plaintiff's attorneys claim she has taken items from inside Scrushy's homes that should go towards the judgment.  Leslie Scrushy says the items in question belong to her, not her husband.  And she's asking that a jury decide the issue, not the judge.

It is now less than a week from when Scrushy is scheduled to be deposed by lawyers.  It's an effort to find out where all of his assets are and to determine how much he owns of Marin Ltd., Marin Air and other companies.  "We say this is just another of Richard Scrushy's efforts to put his own interests above shareholders of health south which he has done all along," Haley contended.