Editorial comments: Working together for jobs

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The following comments are in response to an editorial from WBRC-TV General Manager Lou Kirchen, which first aired on Tuesday, October 6, 2009.

Harold from Birmingham wrote

Mrs. Kirchen, I have been watching WBRC for a long time and enjoy the editorial segments. The comment you made about Birmingham being the biggest city in the state and always getting passed over is so true. The mayor and Mrs. Smitherman along with a few other are trying to move us into the 21st century but it's always something stopping it. Is it the fact that all we want is Alabama and Auburn football? What's keeping us from getting the big plants in Birmingham?

Viewer 46 miles north of Birmingham

I was just wondering if Birmingham probably just gets rid of all the crooks they got down there in every office that's down there y'all might some more things going on down there. You know they've gotta put it close where it is environmental and where it is easy export and import as far as the car business coming in down there. Birmingham's always had a bad reputation of everybody wanting their fingers in the money pie.

Business owner Bobby wrote

I have a comment about last night's editorial. You stated that if we could just hold on that companies are coming to Birmingham. But what about the ones that have already decided to come here? We just opened a new office in Pelham and are bringing 47 new jobs to the area. The people of Birmingham are lazy and don't want to work. We are having an extremely hard time trying to find employees. We flooded craigslist and newspapers with ads for the last six weeks. We've received over 150 resumes, interviewing over 100 people, offered a job to over

60 of them and they are still too lazy to show up for training. What's wrong with this picture? Is everyone in Birmingham living off of government assistance or what?

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