Fairfield looks to stop bingo restrictions

FAIRFIELD, AL (WBRC) - The city of Fairfield has filed a lawsuit seeking to stop Sheriff Mike Hale and Jefferson Co. District Attorney Arthur Green in the Bessemer division from enforcing new bingo permit restrictions.

Those who go to bingo halls in Fairfield enjoy it."It's an outlet.

I'm laid off I've got to come here, enjoy myself and relax," said Edward Kelly.

The city of Fairfield will make hundreds of thousands of dollars off of their three bingo halls. This is one reason the city field the lawsuit. "As a result of these permits, a valuable income stream comes to the city. It should be protected," says Michael Trucks, Fairfield City Attorney. The permits, which are due to the sheriff's office on Friday, will demand all bingo halls have only one charity and be restricted to two days  of gaming with all of the proceeds going to the charity. Trucks says outside of the money generated by the bingo, Fairfield believes the sheriff and district attorney should not be telling the city what to do. "The city felt that for the sheriff to support restrictions would interfere with the sovereignty of the city and would interfere with their rights under the constitution of Alabama," Trucks says.

Lt. Randy Christian with the Sheriff's office says the bingo halls have to comply with the law and those who do not have to face a misdemeanor charge. As for the lawsuit; "We welcome anytime we go into court and get clarification on what's right and what's wrong. We are fine with that," Christian said.