Tension builds around courthouses' reopening

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Jefferson County Commission President Bettye Fine Collins made the reopening of two Jefferson County courthouses official Wednesday. "Centerpoint will open at eight o'clock and Greensprings will open at eight o'clock," Collins said.
Acting Finance director Travis Hulsey made the recommendations to Collins about which satellite courthouses would open. Commissioner Bobby Humphryes did not agree with decision."First of all, I want it to be a commission decision instead of one commissioner deciding what courthouses will open," says Humphryes.
The county owns the Centerpoint Building and leases Gardendale and Forestdale buildings. Humphryes believes it would make economic sense to open one of the buildings county leases."I think it's senseless to shut down a building we have leases on when we let the others remain idle, we don't have leases on and don't owe money on," Humphryes said.
"All I can say is this decision is based on economics and geography. I feel comfortable with that."Collins said.

Meanwhile, Hulsey told commissioners that even with a return to normalcy, tax collections remain down. "We will have to monitor expenses carefully. Let the departments now they will need to restrict their spending. We will have to be tight and lean in that regard," Travis Hulsey said.