Judge Makes New Rulings in Richard Scrushy case

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Jefferson county Judge Allwin Horn issued a temporary restraining order in the case of a 92-foot yacht which HealthSouth shareholders claim belongs to former CEO Richard Scrushy.

Scrushy's attorney claim the yacht belongs to Marin Inc. not Scrushy. Attorney's also say Marin Inc. Is a business based in the Cayman Islands and that Judge Horn can not seize the boat.

The temporary restraining order allows the boat to be sold but requires the money from a sale to be put in escrow until it is determined who actually owns the craft.

Also at Thursday morning's hearing Judge Horn set a trial date of November fifth for a hearing involving Leslie Scrushy. Leslie Scrushy claims that some items that have been seized at a home in Vestavia Hills belong to her and not her husband. Scrushy claims the items should not be auctioned to the public.

Scrushy's attorneys are requesting a jury trial.

A judge or a jury will decide if in fact the seized items belong to Richard Scrushy or his wife Leslie.