H1N1 kills another as some parents deny vaccination

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Swine flu has claimed another life in Alabama.

It's the 16th person to die from the H1N1 virus, and the fifth death reported in a week.

The latest victim is a man in his 50's, from Mobile County.

News of the swine flu death comes as the nation receives its first batch of swine flu vaccine.

But not every parent is sold on the vaccine when it comes to their children.

Even though children are in the group that's supposed to get priority, a new Associated Press poll shows forty percent of parents surveyed would not get their child vaccinated.

Dr. Keith Stansell with Alabama Pediatrics says he expected parents to be apprehensive about the vaccine because it's something new.

He says there's no reason for parents to worry.

"Our feeling is that it is a typical flu vaccine, made the same way the seasonal flu vaccine is made every year," said Dr. Stansell. "So we feel, based on our experience with seasonal flu vaccine, it's very safe and very effective."

When it comes to side effects, there has been nothing serious to show during tests.

Some parents surveyed said the side effects wouldn't stop them from getting their child vaccinated, saying it's the only way to protect their child from swine flu.