H1N1 vaccine to arrive in Alabama

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - Tabitha Willis has two children and she cannot wait for the swine flu vaccines to arrive. "I don't know if it's as serious as they are saying but I want to protect them just in case," Willis said.

A nasal spray will be coming to Alabama this week about 29,000 dosages. Next week shots should arrive and more is on the way. "We know they will be an ample supplies coming into the state over the next several weeks and months. The good news is Alabama will be getting two million dosages of immunizations between now and January," says Jim McVay, spokesman for the Alabama Public Health Dept.
Of the two million dosages coming to Alabama, 75% will be shots only 25% will be nasal sprays. The health department is recommending only those between two and 49 use the nasal spray. :"The nasal spray is not to be given to expectant mothers or those with healthcare conditions," McVay said.
But not everyone wants to use the vaccines. "I intend on going to the gym. As for shots no. Going to the gym, eating healthy, sleeping. That is pretty much what I've been doing all my life," Antonio Espinoza said.
Willis hopes her two children will be among the first to get the nasal spray. "Because my kids don't like shots. I think they will prefer that," Willis said.