Corrections officer shot while trying to help

GADSDEN, AL (WBRC) - Ingram Culwell was just trying to help when he picked up a teenager asking for a ride.  That teenager ended up pulling a gun on him and in the struggle for the gun, Culwell was shot.  He tried to drive himself to the hospital but wrecked and passed out on the way.  He is now recovering, and the whole experience hasn't changed him a bit.

He spoke, exclusively, to Fox6 saying he would do it again. "I don't intend to stop, you know, just because someone run afoul."

Culwell is a retired steel worker, who now works as a corrections officer.  He says it's the first time he's been shot at, and hopes it's the last.

The teenager, 17-year-old Antonio Blount, has been arrested. He is charged as an adult with attempted murder.  Since Culwell worked at a jail, Blount, was moved to a jail in another county for safety reasons.

Culwell is former University of Alabama football player.  He says playing under Paul Bryant gave him a "no quit" attitude, but it was God and family that kept him alive this time.  "That's the only thing I can say that actually got me through this is the presence of God," he told Fox6.

For now, Culwell is recovering at home, but he hopes to be able to return to work soon.