Sheriff's wife faces battle with breast cancer

Dianna and Mike Hale (WBRC video)
Dianna and Mike Hale (WBRC video)

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Dianna Hale whips off her cap to show her bald head.

"Gone," she said.

But it does not phase her husband, Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale.

"The prettiest bald woman I've ever seen," Mike Hale said.

Dianna Hale was diagnosed with breast cancer in April and has since lost her hair due to chemotherapy.

"You think of death, obviously," Mrs. Hale said.  "Then  you want to fight. You want to live. Do anything surgery wise just get it out."

Mike and Dianna Hale were high school sweethearts and have been married for 38 years with three grown boys and seven grandchildren.  Today, Dianna Hale is thankful to be alive and at her husband's side.

"My strength. My strength," Mrs. Hale said.  "He would come home and help me with my battle."

Sheriff Hale said the year-long budget battle with the county commission is secondary in his life.

"That is kindergarten stuff," Sheriff Hale said. "This the major league. This about survival.This is survival for your family. For you life."

Hale adds he never thought he would be wearing pink. The sheriff often wears pink shirts and ties these days to show his support for breast cancer research.

"I see pink as a power color," Hale said.  "I think of Dianna when I wear it."

Mike and Dianna said this past year has left them with a greater appreciation of each other, life, and their faith in God.

"I got a card the other day that said don't tell God how big your mountain is, tell the mountain how big your God is." Hale said.