Family in search of their Aubie

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Residents in one Mountain Brook neighborhood are concerned after someone stole Aubie the Tiger from the front lawn of a house on Green Valley.

The 8 foot tall inflatable Auburn mascot disappeared on Saturday.

The homeowner, Fred Martin, said he got the tiger for Christmas and was hoping to display it throughout football season. He and his wife went to the Auburn game on Saturday, and when they returned home, it was gone.

"We were rather disturbed and upset, my wife especially," said Martin, "She checked around the neighborhood to see if anyone knew anything about it."

The Martins placed signs in their front lawn asking people to bring Aubie back. They haven't solved the case yet, but have attracted a lot of attention from neighbors.

"Everybody has noticed it, they've got signs up, and the kids miss it. I miss it," said Mary Walls, "That is my joy every day when I come down this road."

Fellow Auburn fan, and neighbor, Brooks Johnston, owns a similar Aubie that he has proudly displayed on his front lawn before. He said he hopes the crime isn't the result of a rivalry going too far.

"Everybody should support their team, enjoy the rivalry, and enjoy the camaraderie," said Johnston, "We all live in Alabama and we all support our teams, we need to have fun about it."

While Martin said the missing Aubie may seem like a small thing, it meant a lot to him and his family. Martin said he didn't file a formal police report, but if you took Aubie, to please return it to his lawn.