Forty workers back to work for Jefferson County

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Forty Jefferson County workers are back on the job in the county's revenue and tax collection department. Stanley Upshaw, an administrative analyst in the tax collector's office, is very happy to be back at work."Oh it's beautiful. Other than the birth of my child and marriage to my wife, it's one of the greatest days of my life," Upshaw said.
Work has piled up at the collector's office, but with the return of 15 workers those who should get tax dollars will get their share. Instead of a six month delay, it could possibly be only a two month delay."Fortunately for us now the fire districts, school districts and municipalities, we can get funds in their hands a lot quicker," said J.T. Smallwood, Jefferson Co. Tax Collector.
The revenue department doubled the number of employees working windows; still there were long lines Monday morning. This caught some taxpayers off guard.""We simply assumed since the workers were back, we would all be getting in the line a little quicker but that is not the case," Robert Davis said.

"We are here. We have been here three hours. Since eight this morning. I have asthma. Really been hard to breath in here," Deborah Richardson said.
The long lines should disappear with more workers returning on Oct. 10th and at least two satellite courthouses opening Oct. 17th. As for those workers who returned facing a mountain of work, they say their return came just in time."My mortgage company working with us saved us from being kicked out on the streets. Bills backed up, can't catch up for late fees," Upshaw said.