Jeffco judge listens no more to Srushy motions

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - A Jefferson County Civil Judge says he will no longer listen to motions filed by Richard Scrushy until he comes forward with information on his financial status.

That information is needed to satisfy the 2.8-billion dollar judgement Scrushy owes to HealthSouth's shareholders.

Also today, United States' Judge Karon Bowdre granted plaintiffs' access to federal government records that identified all of Scrushy's assets in 2003. "It's significant to us," said lead plaintiffs' attorney John Haley. "We absolutely needed that information. If Richard Scrushy is not going to voluntarily give it to us, then we have to get it from other sources. And the federal government is a pretty good source."

Scrushy will return to Bimingham on Wednesday, October 14th to give a deposition regarding the whereabouts of his assets. The testimony takes place at the federal courthouse in Birmingham. It could go until the following Monday.

This fall, Scrushy's wife, Leslie, will stand trial. Attorneys filed suit against her and several trusts Scrushy had established for his children. Claims are that gifts and monies the trusts received were fraudulent.