Power to Save: Cullman Electric Car

CULLMAN, AL (WBRC) - The Cullman Water Department's new meter reader vehicle is the talk of the town. It looks quite different from the rest of the fleet, but if things go well, the $13,000 electric car with the odd design may be the first of many.

"We can find out how many vehicles we actually want to go electric," Mayor Max Townson said.

The city is replacing a 20-year-old pickup truck with the tiny car. FOX6 Power to Save reporter Ronda Robinson talked with Water Department Manager Junior Heaton who said he's happy with the numbers the experiment has produced for the past three months.

"It costs about 26 cents a day to run this vehicle versus about $10 a day to run a regular pickup truck," said Heaton. "On a yearly basis we are saving about $3,500 a year just on fuel and maintenance charges. Plus, you don't have any oil changes or maintenance to worry about so that's another savings that we are looking at on this vehicle. It takes just a few hours to charge the vehicle and on that full charge it will run for about 30 miles."

Mayor Max Townson said the cost savings and the environmental impact make the car twice as nice. those funds not spent on fuel will be used to pay off the loan within three years.

"We believe its working out great," Townson said. "We think it's a good investment."