Bargainomics Deals (9/22/09)

Today's deals from Judy, the Bargainomics Lady:

(1)                 Free phone calls to ANYWHERE? Yes, including video, with or Either of these can be easily downloaded onto your computer, and it's all FREE.

(2)                 Is there any unclaimed money out there belonging to you? Find out by searching This is a data base of unclaimed property records such as: (a) Bank accounts and safe deposit box contents; (b) Stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and dividends; (c) Uncashed checks and wages; (d) Insurance policies, CD's, trust funds; and (e) Utility deposits, escrow accounts.

(3)                 Ladies, how about a $49 striped tote from for only $6.98? To find it, just type the words STRIPED TOTE into the search blank. (For MyFoxAL, here's the direct link:

(4)                 And just in time for cooler weather, here's a $295 maternity jacket for $69.99 at - that's more than 75% off! You can also shop their store at The Summit, but this deal is an online special.

You can see these deals on where you can also see and order Judy's newest book.