Drenching rainfall slows local businesses

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Continuous rain across central Alabama is starting to take a toll on businesses that have to work outdoors.

Hoar Construction sites are quiet across the area. Vice President of Development, Russ Hale, can only look at a long list of projects that are now behind schedule.

"It definitely has an effect on things like putting roofs on and exterior painting," said Hale, "It is slowing us down across the southeast, actually."

At Richter Landscaping, Owner John Richter and his employees have been stuck inside working on paperwork and designs for future projects. He said he hopes the rain ends soon.

"Naturally it slows us down," said Richter, "We can't get work completed in the field, so we have to clean the shop, and do maintenance. That is good, but our customers want their projects completed."

At this point, officials say they need a lengthy break in the rain to get back to ideal working conditions.

"When it is raining like this, it stops for a day, it doesn't mean you can go back to work right away," said Hale, "It has to dry out before you can start again."

Hale and Richter said for the time being, they have to be patient, and hope that there are dry days ahead.