Lipscomb receives fire truck from Birmingham

By WBRC staff

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The city of Birmingham loaned a fire truck Friday to the city of Lipscomb after the city's two old fire trucks broke.

The swap happened after Lipscomb Mayor Melanie Bouyer called Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford earlier this week asking for his help.  Bouyer said a house in Lipscomb burned down last weekend because Lipscomb's only fire engines, both built in the 1960s, stopped working.

Langford responded by loaning a fire engine to Lipscomb. Lipscomb Fire Chief John Lawrence said he is grateful.

"We've been back and forth for a long time in these older trucks and it finally caught up to us," Lawrence said Friday, standing in front of the loaned engine.  "With Birmingham giving us this truck, it's a dream come true truthfully."

Birmingham Fire Chief Ivor Brooks said the loan is a win-win for both communities.
"It's about people helping people," said Brooks.  "It's a help to the whole community and us as well.  Anything that's going to save a life."