Donations for rescued dog in Pell City

PELL CITY, AL (WBRC) - A miracle dog in Pell City is causing students from Duran South Junior School to pull together after the librarian at the school found it injured on the side of the road.

Jerry Crowder, the librarian, says he was on his way to work early one morning nearly two weeks ago when a car swerved into his lane to avoid hitting the puppy.

"I'm thinking he's just too fast trying to get to work," said Crowder.  "When he clears I see a little furball in his lane, the middle of his lane."

That furball was a tiny black, furry puppy, limping down the middle of the road, with its littermates lying dead on the side of the road.

"There's a reason why we've been calling the puppy 'Crusty', She was matted, muddy, skin conditions, eyes were all matted together," Crowder said.

He took the small dog to the vet where doctors said she needed to be put to sleep.  A tearful Crowder didn't know what else to do.

"Even thinking about it sorry, I'm starting to get he started trying to put in medicines to put puppy's to sleep and  he tried the 1st paw, couldn't find the vein, then the next paw, nothing....then he  went into the arteries and he looks at me and says let me give this one more try, Crowder recalls.  "Then he says, 'this is a sign I think, this dog doesn't need to die today.'"

Thus why many are saying it's a miracle dog.  After surgery to repair a broken back leg, a few shots and a good bath, the 6-week old pup is doing just fine.

Last Friday at Duran South, students donated $2 to get to wear a hat to school, all the money going to pay for 'Crusty's' surgery.  Crowder said he wished he could afford to pay for the surgery himself.

"I wish I could say $600 wasn't a big deal, but I'm a teacher and times are tough," Crowder said.

SGA Sponsor Brenda Bennett is heading up the fundraising efforts.  "The kids can see the results, they've got this puppy to try to raise money for to try to save its life."

History teacher Toni Hoffman has been fostering the little dog. "It was so important to me...we just lost our dog of 13 years so just seeing this little puppy and knowing it needed someone to love it.
And since 'Crusty' isn't so crusty anymore, the students at Duran got to give her a new name....'Lucy'.

Students at Duran South Jr. High School in Pell City are taking donations to help a "miracle puppy" rescued on the side of the road last week by the school librarian.

If you would like to help, please contact Beth Thomas, office manager of the Animal Medical Center in Lincoln at (205) 763-8387 or at 275 Magnolia Drive, Lincoln, Ala.