Sheriff Hale to lobby for a return of budget cut

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Sheriff Mike Hale hopes to lobby commissioners over the phone to restore a cut of ten million dollars. Sheriff Mike Hale appeared on Good Day Alabama Thursday. Hale's says the $10 million cut to his budget is a threat to public safety."If they care about the county. If they care about keeping neighborhoods and communities safe. If they care about soccer moms and keeping the communities safe, they need to fund public safety." says Hale.
The county Budget Management Office recommended an $808 million dollar budget. The budget recommends a $51 million for the sheriff's office. A $10 million dollar cut. Commissioners turned a deaf ear to Hale's lobbying efforts."Unless, some commissioners give up money from their departments, there is no money here to negotiate." says Commission President Bettye Fine Collins.

"No we are all having to take cuts. The road department took a 20 percent cut. The sheriff took at 15 percent cut." says Commissioner Bobby Humphryes. Again, the Regions Bank loan." Depending on the amount of money we get through the loan process we may be able to restore some of his funding." says Commissioner William Bell.
Fox6 asked the sheriff's office if Hale would again consider legal action against the count over the cuts. A spokesman for the sheriff says Hale will do whatever it takes to protect the public. Commissioners will vote on the budget next Tuesday. If they keep the ten million dollar cut, spokesman for the sheriff says Hale will have plenty to say at that time.