Jeffco workers may not return to full work week

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Jefferson County workers may not come back to a full work week after being recalled from administrative leave without pay. Lisa Pack, a county worker on leave also operates a Facebook page called Friends of Jefferson County Employees."We were told we would come back at 40 hour work weeks. 32 hours is better than nothing, of course we will believe it when we see it." says Pack.
On Wednesday, acting Finance Director Travis Hulsey announced he does not believe there will be enough money on hand to pay the workers for a 40 hour work week."With our present circumstance we can only bring them back for the 32 hour work week." says Commission President Bettye Fine Collins.
Commissioner Bobby Humphryes who oversees Roads and Transportation does not plan to abide by the hourly restrictions."I know in Roads and Transportation we budgeted for 40 hours for our employees when we bring them back. So that's the premise I'm working on now. When they come back to our department we plan on working forty hour weeks." says Humphryes.
The workers have been on administrative leave since August."Everybody will be glad to get back to work. Obviously people are starving." says Pack.
Commissioner William Bell says the only hope for the workers may talks for a loan with Regions Bank."I would like to see all employees come back to a 40 hour work week. I think the loan we are working on will guarantee that." says Bell.