Trailer stolen from Exceptional Foundation Scout Troop

HOMEWOOD, AL (WBRC) - The members of the Scout Troop affiliated with the Exceptional Foundation were excited about an upcoming camping trip, until someone stole their hopes...literally.  Administrators say they arrived at work one morning last week, to find the trailer used to haul camping equipment, gone. "To steal from our participants, it breaks my heart for them," says Shelton Kitchen, director of the center's community relations.

The trailer is black in color and stands 10 feet by 6 feet.  It held all the troops tents, cookware and camping equipment.   "They raised the money by selling popcorn to purchase this trailer, it's a five-thousand dollar trailer," Kitchen said.  "We worked hard selling popcorn last year," said troop member Molly.  "We worked very, very, very hard on it."

Homewood police say they have asked all their patrol officers to keep an eye out for the trailer and they are asking the public to do the same.  Meanwhile, troop members want to send a message of their own to the thieves.  "If people did that to you, you'd be upset too.  Could you please bring it back as soon as you can if you can?"

Administrators with the exceptional foundation say they will try to make sure the young people can still go on that October camping trip.  But, they say, they'll ask sporting goods stores to pitch in tents, and other camping gear.  If you have seen that black trailer around town, and think it may be the stolen one, you're asked to call Homewood police.