Precautions taken at Birmingham City Hall after H1N1 detection

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - On Thursday, Mayor Larry P. Langford announced the immediate shut down of the City's Information Management Services Department and building after an employee was confirmed to have the Swine Flu.

"Unfortunately the employee was in this building all week but he was confirmed with the Swine Flu virus yesterday. We are closing IMS effective today. They will work from home until Monday. If no one else shows any signs, then we will resume business as usual then," said Mayor Langford.

The Jefferson County Department of Health documented the case of H1N1 in City Hall.

"The person diagnosed has been sent home to rest and we are told that they're recovering," continued Mayor Langford.

According to the Department of Health, when one person is infected with H1N1, it infects two, so City officials felt it necessary to close all of City Hall tomorrow as a precaution.

Employees are advised to use hand sanitizer constantly; wash hands frequently, for at least 20 seconds, with normal cleaning products.

In addition, several 120 gallon drums of hand sanitizer will be placed at the entrances of city buildings.

If Supervisors or employees have the sniffles or runny noses, they have been asked to please go home.

"Our goal is to keep this from turning into a full blown outbreak," said Mayor Langford.