Crews fight flea problems in West End

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - There is no doubt that Alabama has been getting a lot of rain lately and it is causing an infestation of insects, bugs and other critters.

It has been two long days of work for Birmingham public works crews in the West End neighborhood. After city leaders were alerted about a flea infestation, crews have converged to remedy the situation.

The excess of rain this summer leaves puddles on standing water, which does not help in the fight against fleas and other bugs and rodents.

Employees with critter control are also inundated with calls about bugs, insects and animals coming out of the woodworks due to a lot of rainfall.
Crews in west Birmingham are also finding lots of rats as they clear lots.
Don Lupo with the Office of Citizens Assistance says trash attracts animals and bugs, continuing the cycle of insects.