FOX6 WBRC gets new DTV antenna

By WBRC staff

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - FOX6 WBRC now has a new digital television antenna. The station went back to full power on DTV Channel 50 Tuesday.

Several viewers called with concerns about not being able to pick up the signal as crews worked hard to get the new antenna in place. But now that the work is complete, do you have the right equipment to maximize the signal?

"What most people need is a good UHF antenna," said Donnie Hill, FOX6 WBRC assistant chief engineer. "We were on Channel 6, which was a VHF channel. But now, with the switchover to DTV, we're on a UHF channel: Channel 50."

The recommended indoor antenna is a four-bay bowtie antenna, according to Hill. And you might need some additional equipment if you live 15-20 miles away from Vulcan Park, which is near the FOX6 WBRC tower.

"Go ahead and purchase an in-line booster or amplifier," Hill said.

The antenna work is among a list of upgrades at WBRC. The station will debut a new set for the newscasts in a couple of weeks.