Artur Davis issues comment on Obama healthcare speech

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Congressman Artur Davis wants to find common ground for both parties in passing healthcare reform.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Davis says that "ideologues in both parties will need to step back from their battle lines".  He then adds that both parties need to see that the other side has its points.

Davis adds that he supports the reforms and wants to help uninsured Alabamians and struggling businesses.

Here is Davis' comment in full:

"The President called tonight for common ground on health care reform. For members of Congress to heed that call, ideologues in both parties will need to step back from their battle lines. Liberal Democrats in Congress should realize that universal coverage can be achieved through the private sector, without the creation of a public option, and that mandates on small businesses can cost jobs. Conservative Republicans should acknowledge that the status quo is still too expensive and too unfair to many hard working Americans. I continue to support reforms that will give uninsured Alabamians the help they need to purchase coverage; that will help struggling businesses with the cost of covering their workers; and that will stop the insurance industry from discriminating against people who have existing illnesses."