Boy taken from mother returns home

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - It was all smiles in the Homewood Police Station Wednesday afternoon as Monique McMillan stood holding her two year old, Cameron Fenton.

Just a few hours before, the two were reunited at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

A cousin of the family flew with the child from New York City to Atlanta where McMillan was waiting. "It felt like an eternity and it was just a few days," McMillan says of missing her son. "I was just smiles and couldn't wait to get him in the car."

Homewood Police say the boy's father, 33-year old Carlton Fenton, took the boy from his mother on Saturday. McMillan says the elder Fenton flew in to Birmingham to spend the weekend with his son. She says they went to the IHOP off Lakeshore Parkway to eat.

She says when they went to leave, she couldn't find the pair, and when she went looking, her tires were slashed and she realized Fenton had taken the boy. Police say Fenton took his son to New York. Monday, U.S. Marshals found the Fenton and his son inside Fenton's Harlem apartment. He was arrested and charged with felony custodial interference.

He was later charged with criminal mischief for allegedly slashing McMillan's tires.

Also on Monday, police say Carlton Fenton had someone fax police a copy of a 2008 document saying he was the child's sole custodian. Police say the document was expired.

Wednesday, Homewood Detective Sergeant James Evans says he was admonished by the courts not to address the custodial issues in the public eye anymore.

But Evans did send a message out to potential criminals. "There is a right and a wrong way to do anything," Evans said. "And if you come to Homewood and abduct someone, we will follow you to the ends of the earth...period."