Mountain Brook starts new campaign to spark revenue

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Mountain Brook is trying to counter decreasing sales tax revenue by launching a new ad campaign that encourages people to shop in the city.

The Chamber of Commerce is behind the effort, and some store owners say they are already seeing an impact. City officials say sales tax revenue is down 6% from last year, but they are starting to see a slight upward trend.

"Our grocery stores are doing well, but the mom and pop shops are suffering," said Mountain Brook City Manager Sam Gaston, "This past month the decrease in sales tax revenue was smaller then has few months, so we are hoping things are turning around, and we will see positive growth in Mountain Brook."

There are multiple vacant store fronts across the city, but store owners also report new stores are coming to the area.

"I have seen with the turnover things are coming out that are positive," said Seth Adams the manager of Village Sportswear, "We're seeing new restaurants, stores, and a lot of positive things going on in the village."

Adams admits that he and his staff have had to work harder to meet sales goals, but the situation has taught them to get creative and reach out to customers.

Scott Pyburn, the owner of Harrison Limited agrees. "Customers are relationships. It involves making sure we are staying in touch, calling them emailing them, and alerting them to new items in the store that would interest them."

The city is also reinstating its Economic Development Committee that will work to come up with new ways to promote the community. Gaston says he hopes that will continue to bring new growth to the city.