Blue traffic lights in Hoover will tell on you

HOOVER, AL (WBRC) - If you've travelled the intersection of Highway 31 and Lorna Road in Hoover anytime recently, you may have noticed blue lights at the bottom of a couple of sets of traffic lights.  They're called tattle-tale lights and true to their name, they tell on drivers who run red lights.

That intersection is one of the largest and busiest in the city.  Officers often patrol the area, but because of the way the lights are sheltered from the sun, it makes it hard for officers to see when some lights turn red, and therefore, hard to catch violators.

That's when the tattle-tale lights come in.  Capt. Jim Coker of the Hoover Police Department explains how the blue light works:

The blue LED light is wired into the red signal light.  When the traffic light turns red, the tattle-tale light turns blue, allowing the officer to then check the intersection and catch any violators.

FOX6 News found mixed reaction to the light from drivers.

"I'm not a fan of little gimmicks to catch people doing wrong," said Johnny Wilson.

Myra Evans said she feels they may unfairly target inexperienced drivers, but she still see the benefit of them.

"To be honest, with Highway 31, it's needed because it's extremely busy, especially during the Christmas holidays for safety values," Evans said.

Coker said depending on how well the blue lights work at the current intersection, they may be placed elsewhere throughout the city.