Alabama residents take measures to stop H1N1 spreading

TRUSSVILLE, AL (WBRC) - Trussville's Rococo Hair Design has been around since 1993. Recently, a sign went up on the door, warning customers to stay way with flu like symptoms. "Stay at home, reschedule if you are sick. So they are not contributing to the spread of swine flu." says Janice Catoe, Rococo's owner.
So far none of Catoe's employees have come down with swine flu symptoms and she wants to keep it that way."We felt like for us and our customers this was the thing to do." says Catoe.

On Tuesday, a State Health Officer announced the H1N1 virus continues to spread quickly across the state. "Over last week, we have seen a spreading of H1N1 at schools across the state. Earlier it was confined geographically to south Alabama, now we are seeing this more widespread." says Williamson.

State School Superintendent Joe Morton says with the start of school the swine flu is spreading quickly on college and school campuses. Morton says absences are up to 7% of all school age students. "Some school districts have more absences than others but the absences are growing." says Morton.

Both men realize how important football is to the state of Alabama, but Williamson says some football fans should stay away from the games."Please don't go to the athletic event no matter how much you want to go. I promise you, people sitting around you will not appreciate your illness." says Williamson.
So, business owners like Janice Catoe continues to do what they can to help."I try not to panic about anything really. But I think to be cautious is the smart thing to do." says Catoe.