Editorial: Electronic bingo

Electronic bingo...those words conjure up strong and opposing feelings. Those in favor say, "Pleeease don't take my fun away", while folks on the other side believe it is highly immoral.

We are not here to take either side in this fight. We are asking another question. Are charities getting their fair share of the huge sums of money being garnered from electronic bingo. Under the law, profits from bingo are to be distributed to local charities.

And, we are talking about BIG money here. In one incident reported by media, more than $800,000 was taken from the safe and machines in one Jefferson County location. Electronic bingo establishments seem to have exorbitant costs...paying extraordinarily high fees for rent and other expenses. Are they really?

If electronic bingo is going to be a permanent part of our business landscape, then charities should be getting their fair share of the spoils.

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