Jeffco workers told not to show up for work next week

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Jefferson County employees were put on administrative leave without pay back in August. The workers were originally slated to return Sept.14th, but Jefferson County Commission President Bettye Fine Collins says they will not be recalled because of the lack of money. "Without that money we will not get enough money in our coffers to pay the salaries of people placed on leave." says Collins.
A letter was sent out last week to more than a thousand Jefferson County workers telling them not to report until at least October tenth. "They were very upset. Thursday we have two commissioners tell us we would be back on the original date." says Lisa Pack, a county worker on administrative leave.
Not all commissioners agreed with sending out the letters."I was completely caught off guard by the letter that went out." says Commissioner Bobby Humphryes.
Humphryes and Commissioner William Bell complained Tuesday they should have been informed of the letter and possibly the entire commission should have voted on sending it out first."I spoke with employees Thursday, voicing my support to get them back as quick as possible. That made it look like we were lying to them. That was not the case." says Humphryes.
Commissioner Humphryes believes employees could be called back on the job and lines eliminated as soon as next week. "I think the letter was premature. There are different avenues for revenues coming in. I think we jumped the gun giving them another two weeks." says Humphryes.
Employees are just hoping to come back to a job."These people have 28, 29 years in this. That is a lot of time for people to just give up." says Pack.