Missing Homewood child found in New York, father arrested

HOMEWOOD, AL (WBRC) - Homewood Police say a 19-month old toddler has been located safe in New York.  This, after authorities say his father, 33-year old Carlton Fenton took the boy from Alabama Saturday afternoon.  It was around 10:50 Central Standard time Monday morning, when U.S. Marshals went to Fenton's Harlem apartment and found the father and 19-month old Cameron Fenton inside.  The elder Fenton was arrested and taken to a New York jail.  He faces one count of custodial interference.  The child was taken into the custody of the New York Child Protective Services.

Monday afternoon, at a news conference, Monique McMillan, the child's mother recounted the previous weekend.  She says Fenton flew in town to see his son for the weekend.  They went to eat at the IHOP restaurant in Homewood and McMillan says when they went to leave, she turned around and father and son were gone.   She says she tried to leave but that's when she realized her two front tires were slashed.   Police say they have now charged Fenton with criminal mischief as a result of that.

Police say they believe Fenton saw himself on the evening news shortly after the abduction took place and decided to flee to New York.  But before doing so, they say he got someone to fax police a copy of the child's birth certificate and a 2008 document from the New York courts naming him as sole custodian.  But police say that document is expired.  They also add, McMillan was in Alabama when the baby was born.  She is now pregnant with another child due in October.  Police are still looking for the man who faxed them the information.

As for Fenton, authorities say he'll likely be extradited back to Alabama late this week.  They are trying to get the toddler back to his mother as soon as possible.