Jeffco workers rally to return to jobs

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - More than 50 Jefferson County workers rallied at the Jefferson County Courthouse Thursday. They are seeking answers when they will be able to return to work."I wish they would come up with some plan and tell us. Come up with a solution to get us back to work. We are tired of not knowing. Come up with a plan. "says Benny Sorrell. More than a thousand workers are on administrative leave without pay. Not earning a paycheck has been tough on some workers."Yes I've had to sale my condo." says Susan Lee.
Steve Jones t-shirt says he is a Jefferson County employee who will work for a paycheck for food and for his mortgage."When are we going to get some action out of the commission? We've given them everything they asked for. The citizens are not being served." says Jones.
State Senator Rodger Smitherman told the crowd the legislative delegation did its part by passing a new job tax bill to bail the county out of its financial crisis."I've heard the comment by one commissioner talking about we don't need to do this and live within our means. Look at these people standing over there. They don't have any means at all." says Smitherman.
It appears doubtful county employees will be back on the job anytime soon. The President of the Jefferson County Southern Christian Leadership Conference says if the commissioners fail to bring the employees back immediately, they should face consequences. "They are dragging their feet. So we are asking them to resign immediately unless they put the people back to work. Or, we are asking the governor to come and take it over." says Calvin Woods.

Commission President Bettye Fine Collins says letters are being sent out to workers telling them they will not be recalled until at least October tenth."There is nothing we can tell them today. That is we do not have the money to bring the employees pack." says Collins.