Jeffco employees promised meeting with County Commission

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Eventually, Jefferson County employees will get a meeting with county commissioners. At a downtown rally workers demanded to know when they would be recalled from administrative leave without pay. Even Sheriff Mike Hale urged the county commissioners to bring the workers back."Somebody told me today, thank God the county commission is not running a fire department, the building would burn down." says Hale.

All five county commissioners were invited to the rally but none attended."We should not in my opinion have impromptu meeting with workers unless we have some facts to give them." says Commissioner Bettye Fine Collins.

After the rally, Commissioner William Bell urged the entire commission to meet with the employees. But, in the end, only Bell and Commissioner Bobby Humphryes attended a meeting to answer some questions in the commission chambers."I felt there was a need to allow them to ask whatever question you want. I few can answer the questions, answer the questions. If not, go get that information." says Bell.

There were many questions. Most of the workers asked why there was not enough money to bring them back on September 14th. This was the date all of the one thousand workers agreed to return."Where has the money gone from 2002 to 2006? Where has the money gone? We need someone to take a look at the books. Where has the money gone?" says Michael Bartee.

Commissioner Bobby Humphryes still believes the county is getting enough money coming in to bring the workers back on September 14th. "I believe there are enough people who feel like I do. At least a majority on the commission. We will try to bring the people back on the 14th like we agreed to." says Humphryes.