Prayer vigil held in memory of man slain at Birmingham nightclub

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - 'Stop the violence' was the message of a prayer a vigil in memory of a man stabbed and killed at a nightclub in Birmingham over the weekend.

Kelvin Felder's family and friends gathered at Linn Park in downtown Birmingham to pay their respects.  His family members say it is still hard to cope with the tragedy.

"I tell you that child didn't deserve this, he didn't deserve this," said Felder's grandmother Sharon Lewis, " He was never in trouble, never raised his voice.  To die this way, it's hard to take."

Felder was stabbed at Club Zen in downtown Birmingham, and died shortly after at UAB Hospital.  Several speakers talked about how that type of random violence has to be stopped in Birmingham.

"We are trying to get in the face of young people and let them know it is time to start appreciating the value of life," said Jonathan Wilson with the organization Young Black Men United for Change.

Felder's family members say while they are still very hurt, they hope others will learn from this tragedy.

"I hope it will make other young men and women stop and think before they do something like this," said Felder's aunt Felicia Felder, "Don't make it so they have to kill an innocent person."

The man originally arrested for stabbing Felder, 35 year old Harold Williams is out on bail.