NorthStar EMS to provide ride-alongs for Jeff State students

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Future paramedics will now have a chance to get a real life glimpse of the job thanks to the help of NorthStar EMS.  The ambulance service will now provide ride-alongs for students in the EMT program at Jefferson State Community college.  The exercise will provide students a chance to practice on actual patients while and professional supervises.  "The students need the ability for critical thinking," says Charles Morton, EMS program director at the college.  "They need to be able to look at a patient and put their leaning in to what's really wrong with that patient."

But the program will not only benefit students.  "It allows our clinicians to work with students which helps our EMTs and paramedics keep their skills in tact," says Brent Dierking, Director of Business Development for NorthStar.

More than 70 students participate in the EMS program at Jeff State.  Despite just starting two years ago, it is the largest EMS program in the state.