Editorial: Phasing out the occupational tax responses

Here are some viewer responses to this weeks editorial comment:

Ron from Forestdale

The Jefferson County Occupational Tax should have been done away with years ago. I've paid it and you don't get nothing back at the end of the year from it and it's bull. They need to do away with it completely. The county there's road needs repairs that I've paid it for years that's never got repaired. They worried about people losing jobs. They don't spend it where it needs to be spent.

Mary from Birmingham

I believe they could balance the budget provided they would cut their own salary like they've cut everybody else. I believe they would be able to balance their budget real fast like. I wonder why they can't cut their salary. They want to balance it so bad but they don't want to balance it enough to cut their salary


I don't live in Jefferson County but I work in Jefferson County and pay the occupational tax. I would like to see the like Bettye Fine Collins, Sheila Smoot, all the county people, what they get paid every month. So we as tax payers can see what they are dipping out of the pot every month. I believe that would give a better perspective of how our government it being worked. I think we got a lot of over paid people there in the county. There's several ways to do what they're doing for less money, I believe.