More people outside in Jeffco courthouse lines

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Some say it may be adding insult to injury. This week Jefferson County put up dividers in the hallway. The idea was to stop long lines from stretching from one side of the building to the next, clogging up the first floor.  "We have no security in the halls as you know. The crowds have been used as inconvenient as it is. It has been necessary that part of that be outside of the building." says Jefferson County Commission President Bettye Fine Collins.

Taxpayers are forced to wait outside of the courthouse until there is room to bring them in at ten at a time. As you can imagine taxpayers do not like the new setup."To me it doesn't make sense. They should have a system in place where they can go inside or at least get out of the sunlight." says Marvin Driver.

Elizabeth Kiraugmi from Kenya did not like being kept out in the elements.""I think it's ridiculous they closed the Homewood station. It's at least five hours it could be more." says Kiraugmi.

Others just go along with it."Bottom line. I think they are doing all they can, especially with the let off. There is nothing I can do about it but stand in line." says Cheryl Hayes.

The new setup is benefiting jurors and attorneys who need to get inside for court business. But, not all county commissioners agree with putting taxpayers outside in the heat."I know having to stand in line is a pain anyway, at least coming inside it's a lot cooler here. Out of the elements. It's just crazy." says Commissioner Bobby Humphryes. The good news, the county will let in taxpayers if it rains.