Police arrest suspect in Kelvin Felder murder

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Birmingham police have made an arrest in the city's 42nd homicide of the year. Kelvin Felder was stabbed at Club Zen on Morris Ave. early Sunday morning, and later died at UAB hospital.

Harold Williams faces murder charges in connection with the case.He's in the Jefferson County jail under $75,000 bond.

This incident is spurring some Birmingham nightclubs to re-examine their own security policies .

As a former police officer and now the head of the 2nd biggest event management company in the country, Mike Jones of Event Operations Group knows what can happen at a concert, football game, or a club.

"Anything can happen anywhere at anytime, especially in the security business, you have to realize anything can happen at any time," Jones said.

That's why Jones says his team spends hours before every event studying the site starting outside at the parking lot, and working their way in to the door.

Security and making folks safe is not just about do they have a weapon or not," Jones said. "If there's a fire, how do we get folks out. If there's a fight, an injury, someone breaks their leg, someone's stabbed, how do we get police and medical in and out of the facility? All those are things we need to look at."

Jones says nightclub owners have a responsibility to provide levels of security, and 2 clubgoers we talked to agree.

"I'm not gonna go to some hole in the wall where I expect something to happen, I'm not gonna put myself in danger, I'm gonna try not to," frequent club patron Mahalia Daniels said. "I wanna have a good time but I'm not gonna go somewhere where clearly there's no security."

"I keep an eye on if fights break out, keep your eye on it," fellow clubber Bethany Logan said. "Because you just wanna be safe, I don't go to clubs where I know people have been killed or there's a high fighting rate."

Mike Jones says having off-duty police on hand is a must in potentially chaotic situations, and recommends clubgoers be proactive about their own safety.

"You need to be aware of your surroundings," Jones said. "Watch other things that are moving around you whether it be traffic or people fast approaching. Check your valuables to and from."

We repeatedly tried to contact Club Zen's management to ask about security staffing at their venue but were unable to reach them for comment Monday.