Burglaries in Hueytown alarm quiet community

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Hueytown Police are investigating burglaries in the normally quiet Virginia Mines Community.

Police Chief Hagler says while there's no major problem, there have been four burglaries in two weeks.

But people we spoke to say they've heard of at least eight recent incidents.

Leigh Brown lives in the community. She says thieves are entering through basements in daylight when people are at work.

"We gotta go to work and school, got to live. We just just pray nobody chooses our house, said Brown.

"We pray for these people thinking they have to steal for whatever reasons they have."

Brown adds that she'll ask her neighbor to keep an eye on her home while her family is away.

Hueytown Police are investigating the crimes, and extra patrol has been added to that area.